*eyebrow raise*

"Nobody over 30 is a Wiccan/pagan, look at all the donated Silver RavenWolf books in charity shops!"

...look, my friend, just because you grew out of your pagan phase doesn't mean everyone else in the world did. There are many, many 30+ year old witches, Wiccans, pagans, and magickally-dabbling people in the world. For some people, paganism was everything they needed and then some. There are some people who are 30+ who are only just discovering it! There's no use-by date on pagan faith, nor a label claiming that only teenagers are allowed to explore it.

I'm not flying into a snit and claiming that everyone needs to take my religion as seriously as I do; that would certainly be odd. (I, for one, affectionately joke about it all the time!) But, really, to quote one of my favourite comedians, "stop being a dick, you dick!"

(PS: the apparent surplus of RavenWolf's books in charity shops says more about the quality of said books, not about a lack of pagans in the world. Just saying...)