All About Pisces

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Date Range: approximately Feruary 19 to March 20
Symbol: the Fishes
House: 12th
Element: water
Quality: mutable
Duality: yin
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune
Exaltation: Venus
Fall: Mercury
Polarity: Virgo
Tarot Card: The Moon
Anatomy: feet
Mental Sphere: the unconscious
Animal: dolphins, whales, all marine mammals
Gems: aquamarine, amethyst, coral
Colours: turquoise, sea green, violet
Flowers: seaweed, lotus, waterlily
Key phrase: "I believe."
Strengths: compassionate, creative, sensitive, musical, gentle, empathetic
Weaknesses: fearful, escapist, defeatist, too trusting, passive, easily hurt

This section is very much a work in progress; I intend for it to be a reasonably large collection of articles on the intricacies of Pisces soon, but for now, please accept this brief profile.