welcome to Selkie.Nu, a collective of...stuff, really. it was bought on a whim in May 2019, in a desperate attempt to reinvent myself and get my life back together (didn't work, jftr) and as of the moment (being 30/8/19), probably will not be re-registered come 2020, because dot nu names are rather expensive, and I don't have a lot of money. (uni students are poor! who woulda thunk it?) so we'll see what happens. in the meantime, enjoy what's here. ♥

Milky Coffee - weblog

Sailor's Gem - aquamarine
Sirens in the Seagrass - dugongs
Pink Flamenco Riot - flamingos
Maybe Mermaids - manatees
Neifion - planet Neptune
Credo - Pisces
Feel Like So - Pullips
Not So Starstuck - Trillian fanlisting
A Movie That Never Happened - Tony Stark FST

Studio Wish - animu & mango
September City - writing & other creative works
Middle-earth.Org - Tolkien-related sites
Ningyou Hime ~ Doll Princess - doll (Pullip) blog


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